Thursday, 28 June 2012

Reduced prices on Foamex Printing!

Hi All, 

Just to let you know as of today we have a new lower price on our foamex printing, that includes all sizes, 2,3 and 5 mm 

5mm foamex, ideal for photograph printing, as display board and for many other applications

Take a quick look at our information on foamex here at our 5mm Foamex

A storm is brewing here at Prindot


Today we had a huge storm which caused almost toal darkness at around 10am this morning.
The clouds above us we swirling around and the wind was very strong.
After a massive downpour and lots of thunder and lightning the storm eventually passed over, however it left behind it lots of flooding (which luckily we completely avoided!)

Many surrounding towns and villages have had several inches if not more of rain in the space of an hour!

However at we refuse to stop for any weather conditions, we still have print flying out of the door!

p.s If this sort of weather is going to continue to come around perhaps some of you might consider a decent outdoor banner, we have quite a few which are capable of withstanding terrible weather conditions, we highly recommend the H20 Swingmaster seen here due to it's heavy water filled base and abilty to bend and flex, allowing it to remain upright in heavy wind.