Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Our Olympic Day Trip... including meeting paralympics athelete Stefanie Reid!

 A Staff day out...

Recently the team here at Printdot got the oppertunity to go to the Olympics to see the Swimming.

We travelled down to London with family and friends not sure what chaos would be waiting for us when we got there!

However we were pleasantly suprised upon arriving to find that everything was very well organised  and thought out. We found ourselves arriving at Stratford International station on a high-speed train that we quite easily founds seats on. We were then guided towards the olympics village on foot where we found the "airport style security gates."
We had been told to allow 90 mins to pass through this section of the park, however it took more like 90 seconds then we were in, and greeted by the awesome site of the olympic stadium.

There were loads of tv crews and cameras everywhere and thousands of people buzzing about the forthcoming events, the atmosphere was electric.

After a short walk around we made our way to the Aquatics centre expecting once again to be queing over an hour, this time we were met with a huge queue but it moved very quickly and we had no problems at all getting to our seats in plenty of time before the event started.

It was fantastic to see some of the elite atheletes of the world competing, a particular highlight being Michael Phelps demonstrating a masterclass in the butterfly.

Team Printdot flying the Flag for TeamGB!

 After the swimming events finished we spent the rest of the day exploring and on our travels we bumped into paralympics athlete Stefanie Reid who was doing a signing in the Olympics megastore.
Unfortunatly she only had time to see 40 people but a few members of the Printdot group were lucky enough to get in there.

Stefanie Reid meeting and greeting fans.

Stefanie was very generous with her time and really wanted to talk to the fans rather than get out of there as soon as possible.
We wish her luck in her events and hopefully you will too. She qualified for the 100m, 200m and Long Jump so watch out for her on the podium!

All in all we had a great day and it was refreshing to see the everlasting passion shown by British fans actually being embraced by the athlete and rewarded in achievements rather than crashing out in the early stages in the usual fashion.