Friday, 5 April 2013

A New Recruit all the way from Toulouse, France.

This week were are very happy to welcome Xavier, the latest addition to the printdot team.

Xavier has 4 year experience in a print company from France and specializes in vinyl application!
So keep your eyes and ears open for special offers on vinyl coming soon!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Custom Lightbox Signs, ideal for your high street shops...

This week we have been very busy, the latest job we have been out doing is a sign for a local pharmacy.
Fallings park pharmacy came to us and asked if we could replace the graphics on their 9 metre by 0.5 metre lightbox sign.
We were able to quickly turn around a few preliminary design and with the day we were approved and ready to go with producing the sign.

We have also had a new recruit join us this week all the way from Toulouse in France, his nam eis Xavier and he has several years experience in sign making and vinyl application already.
The timing seemed almost ideal and we were able to set him off plotting out the design and applying the vinyl to 3 sheets of poly-carb which we had routed so that they joined together and wouldn't seperate when the wind picks up and blows it inwards.

Three of us then went round and fitted the sign and took the old sign away to be recycled.

Here is a before and after shot of what the job looked like:

The whole job went as smooth as could be hoped for and Xavier really got to show his skills and show us what he is capable of. We are very pleased to have him with us and are sure he will prove a very capable and beneficial addition to our ever growing team.

We are very happy to look at any job big or small and we will endevour to deliver you a simple, quick, complete package taking all of the worry and stress out of replacing your signs and graphics.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke signs please follow this link.

Stay tuned for more updates on goings on, special offers and more from Printdot...

BMW Racing Club has a successful evening whilst modelling a Pop-up Display

We have been lucky enough to receive a couple of photographs from the BMW drivers club 25th anniversary celebration which featured a pop-up display which we provided for them.

They took advantage of our Pop-up Re-Skinning service where we take any existing Pop-up Display Frame you have and create new graphic panels to fit, making it look good as new!
This is something we have just started doing and we don't know of another other printing company offering the same service.
It makes the whole thing a lot cheaper as the frame takes up the bulk of the cost when buying a pop-up display.

We are chargin £50 per drop on the reskinning service and this 3x2 pop-up shown in the picture above had 4 drops.

We think you will agree it looks like new and really helps to make a statement at the event.

If you haven't got an exsiting pop-up it's not a problem, we have a range of pop-up displays which we offer at very competitive prices, you can take a look by following the link.

Pop-up Displays