Friday, 5 April 2013

A New Recruit all the way from Toulouse, France.

This week were are very happy to welcome Xavier, the latest addition to the printdot team.

Xavier has 4 year experience in a print company from France and specializes in vinyl application!
So keep your eyes and ears open for special offers on vinyl coming soon!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Custom Lightbox Signs, ideal for your high street shops...

This week we have been very busy, the latest job we have been out doing is a sign for a local pharmacy.
Fallings park pharmacy came to us and asked if we could replace the graphics on their 9 metre by 0.5 metre lightbox sign.
We were able to quickly turn around a few preliminary design and with the day we were approved and ready to go with producing the sign.

We have also had a new recruit join us this week all the way from Toulouse in France, his nam eis Xavier and he has several years experience in sign making and vinyl application already.
The timing seemed almost ideal and we were able to set him off plotting out the design and applying the vinyl to 3 sheets of poly-carb which we had routed so that they joined together and wouldn't seperate when the wind picks up and blows it inwards.

Three of us then went round and fitted the sign and took the old sign away to be recycled.

Here is a before and after shot of what the job looked like:

The whole job went as smooth as could be hoped for and Xavier really got to show his skills and show us what he is capable of. We are very pleased to have him with us and are sure he will prove a very capable and beneficial addition to our ever growing team.

We are very happy to look at any job big or small and we will endevour to deliver you a simple, quick, complete package taking all of the worry and stress out of replacing your signs and graphics.

If you would like to know more about our bespoke signs please follow this link.

Stay tuned for more updates on goings on, special offers and more from Printdot...

BMW Racing Club has a successful evening whilst modelling a Pop-up Display

We have been lucky enough to receive a couple of photographs from the BMW drivers club 25th anniversary celebration which featured a pop-up display which we provided for them.

They took advantage of our Pop-up Re-Skinning service where we take any existing Pop-up Display Frame you have and create new graphic panels to fit, making it look good as new!
This is something we have just started doing and we don't know of another other printing company offering the same service.
It makes the whole thing a lot cheaper as the frame takes up the bulk of the cost when buying a pop-up display.

We are chargin £50 per drop on the reskinning service and this 3x2 pop-up shown in the picture above had 4 drops.

We think you will agree it looks like new and really helps to make a statement at the event.

If you haven't got an exsiting pop-up it's not a problem, we have a range of pop-up displays which we offer at very competitive prices, you can take a look by following the link.

Pop-up Displays

Monday, 4 March 2013

Business Forward Networking in Wheaton Aston

For anybody reading this who lives/works in or around the west midlands area, perhaps you might consider paying a visit to...

Business Forward Networking in Wheaton Aston

Now in it's 2nd year!

Wheaton Aston is a quiet little Village located roughly inbetween Stafford and Wolverhampton. It is perhaps 10-15mins off Junction 12 of the M6 motorway.
Although you might not think it the area is surrounded by literally hundreds of businesses of all sizes and industries who are now clubbing together and meeting once a month (usually on the 3rd Tuesday) at 7:30pm at the Sports of Social Club in Wheaton Aston.

The group is very friendly and lively, you cannot fail to meet new friends, as well as people you can form a solid business relationship with.

The evening consists of a bit of mingling to begin with giving everybody a chance to get a drink from the bar and relax. Then everybody will be asked individually to give a short 1 minute presentation on what their business is and what they want out of the networking meeting.
You are welcome to bring products, pictures, props, business card or whatever you would like (within reason) for this portion of the evening.
Once this is complete everybody is asked to take 3 of their own business card and write a number one, two and three on them and then hand the out to 3 people that they want to talk to based on what they said during the 1 minute talks.
You will then get 10 minutes to talk one to one with each of you chosen people.

Once this is all finished the rest of the evening is yours to mingle some more and get a few more drinks.

We have been to this meeting every month since it lauched in 2012 and have had many enquiries and referrals through it as many people are more than willing to put you in touch with somebody they know who isn't even at the meeting.

This is a great way of doing local business and it's one of the only ways we feel that you can actually meet and become friend with you potential clients which will help you to form a solid base of loyalty for the future.

As with all good things we have left the best thing until last, and that is that Business Forward is a totally FREE event to attend. There is no joining fee, no entry fee, no expensive breakfasts to buy, no food to contribute towards. Simply turn up, if you want a drink buy one, if not you won't part with a penny.

To find out more about the Business Forward Networking Events please visit the website here - "Business Forward Networking"

Chaintec to Exhibit at IMHX 2013

Another Bit of Great News...

will be Exhibiting at IMHX 2013 at the Birmingham NEC 19th-22nd March.

IMHX (International Materials Handling Exhibition) is an ideal exhibition for anbody involved in the handling, movement and transportation of goods in and around a warehouse or distribution centre
Chaintec who we mentioned in our last blog are manufacteurers of Chain for Forklift trucks and other lifting equipment, and they plan to show this at the show in 2013.

Whilst our main focus is printing, our parent company "Lyncraft Marketing & Exhibitions"  specialise in exhibition design and build for anything from a very small booth, up to a large open area plan design.

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with Chaintec for the IMHX build and have been working on designs with them over the past few weeks.

For those of you thinking that an exhibition stand about heavy duty chains is going to be boring, think again!
There will be plenty going on including fun and games, and a competition running throughout the show, that is certainly going to generate a lot of buzz.


We cannot show you any of the 3D Visuals that we have produced for Chaintec at the moment as they will be unveiling a "secret product" at the show however in the future after the release we will share them with you as examples of the 3D visuals we can create for you, and exhibitions that we can coordinate even with a fairly short time to prepare.


Keep your eyes on this space for anything else we can bring you about exhibitions, events or designs that we put out in 2013.

Printdot begin work with Chaintec

What have we been up to this week?

Exciting projects ahead!

Here at Printdot we are delighted to be working with Chaintec a local company based in Bently Bridge, Wolverhampton, who manufacteur Chain specifically for forklift trucks, and other lifting equipment.

Initially we have supplied signs and a counter front however more news will become avaliable soon on exciting new projects we will be working on together in the near future.

Custom Acrylic Signs.

 The first item we worked on is the custom acrylic signs with cutout acrylic letter (shown on the left.)
We got the sign ready in-house, and then went off to Chaintec to fit it.
As you can see the finished product looked great and i'm sure that many customers the pass through the chaintec building will be drawn to it.

Foamex Printed Counter Front

Once the acrylic sign was fitted and finished with we moved on to the foamex counter front.
This is 3mm foamex and measures in at 2.5 metres long.
We print directly onto the foamex instead of applying vinyl to it afterwards, this mean that there is no chance of anything peeling, cracking or wearing away in the near future.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with foamex, it is a rigid substrate which is essentially to layers of a PVC based material which sandwich a layer of foam, creating a solid but lightweight material. It is avaliable in 2, 3, 5 and 10mm variations and the less the depth the more flexible the material is.
Foamex is avaliable to buy printed in any size from our website, check it out by following this link here - "Printed Foamex"

Watch this space for more Chaintec News in the Near Future!

Coopers Fine Food visit the houses of Parliament armed with Banners

Custom Roll-Up Banner Display Solutions...

Coopers Fine Foods Story...

Once again we had a very busy, very productive week at Printdot. We managed to get everything finished in time and sent out to all of our customers, but we didn't get chance to photograph any of the products!

However we were lucky enough to be sent a few pictures by our clients, so in the entry we will show you what we did for Coopers Fine Foods in Brewood.

The brief was simple, we want something, lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, whilst being big enough to create a visual impact whilst exhibiting at the Houses of Parliament.

This concluded in us creating a duel roll up banner setup with a cross piece banner which replicated the appearance of the Coopers shop in Brewood.
The Banner of choice for Coopers was the "Genie" banner which can be found on our website here "Genie Banner" this is because the genie is cheap, reliable and compact. The stabilizing foot really lent itself to supporting the increased weight caused by the extra cross banner at the top.

Both us and Coopers felt that this was the best way that they could get the result they wanted and be able to get it there on the tube without any hassle.

What Happened Next...

A few days later we recieved some positive feedback from Coopers who said that their show went very well, which we always like to hear and that they managed to take a quick snap of the display in situ which they were kind enough to send on to us shortly after.

What you should take away from this...

Hopefully this can show you what a relatively low investment in something like a banner/banners, can do to give your business a big boost in presence and public exposure.